Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear participants, we have tried here (without claiming to be complete) to compile the most important questions about the event. This collection will be constantly updated. Should any questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Physical & Virtual Participation 

Q    Where exactly does the conference take place?

A      The conference is hybrid. 
The physical location is the COWORKSTATT, In der Schildwacht 11, D-65933 Frankfurt (look here: ).
The virtual ‘location’ is the Live Event Site at TWR2020 website.
Both locations can only be accessed by registered participants.

Q     Is it still possible to register? And if yes, how?

A      Registration is possible until September 18 th, 9 am, given availability. Go to the registration website and click on “Register here!”. You will be forwarded to the Converia registration page. Here click “Register as attendee”. Payment is easiest, quickest and cheapest with credit card (no additional credit card fee will be applied).

Q     How much is the conference fee?

A      All participant groups (Corporate, Academic, Part-time/Dual/PhD Student, B-/M-Student) and according prices can be found here for the conference program as well as the accompanying program.

Q     Is there anything specific to consider when participating PHYSICALLY? 

A      At the end of the registration process (at, you can choose the form (physically or virtually) of events’ participation. Here, you can also communicate preferences or allergies so that this can be considered for the food orders (in case of physical participation).
When done, choose ‘Select’.
These clarifications go at no cost. Yet, please be aware that some events shown here need to be booked separately before.
And of course, please make sure that you have noticed the COVID-19 information.

Q     I have been registered already and communicated that I would like to attend at least some events PHYSICALLY, but have not yet chosen which. How can I do that? 

A      Please login to the registration page with your registration password. Klick on the ‘book other offers’ button (see below). Check the packages shown: Packages greyed out or not shown are already booked by you (see your previous booking receipt) and cannot be changed. Others can still be booked (based on availability). Go through the page until the ‘package’ at the end of the site. Here, you can communicate your final choices regarding physical or virtual participation for all events. These clarifications go at no cost. Yet, please be aware that some events shown here need to be booked separately before.

Q     I thought I would attend physically but needed to change my plans. How can I do that? 

A      Please login to the registration page with your registration password. Klick on the ‘book other offers’ button (see below) and scroll down to the very end. Here, you can communicate your final choices regarding physical or virtual participation for all events. These clarifications go at no cost (as done until Sept 15 th). 
If you need to change or cancel anything previously booked (including stated preferences), this is not possible on the Converia site. In these cases, please send an email with the specifics to Final cancellations are subject of the published cancellation policy.

Q     I would like to participate at one or more of the pre- and after-conference events. If I already expressed my interest during registration, do I need to do anything else? 

A      When already having expressed interest, it is not possible to update or renew this booking.
In this case, please send an email to, stating which event(s) you are interested in, and whether you want to participate physically or virtually. 
Sonja will check availability and confirm/deny participation. 
In case, the event is associated with costs not already covered by the conference fee (e.g. guided tour and excursion) and you have not yet paid, please be prepared to pay in cash on site (physical participation). New bookings, e.g. for virtual participation of an event, should still be possible and include online payment.

Q     How does the virtual participation work? 

A      You log into the Website (registration information will be sent by email to registered participants) and from this ‘entrance hall’ enter the different (virtual) rooms. We will predominantly use Zoom. For more detailed information see here.

ATTENTION: Your Converia registration / login details are NOT the login data for the LiveEvent page. To login into the LiveEvent-page you have been sent a separate email. If you do not find this mail, have a look in your spam folders. You'll most likely find it there.

Q     How will we network informally? 

A      We plan to use Discord. More information you will find as soon as possible here and at the participants information website.

Q     Who will be at the conference? 

A      A participants’ list can be found here.


Q     I will present at one of the regular paper sessions. How will this work? What do I need to consider?

A      General information to the presentations can be found here.

Q     I have not too much experience with academic presentation and would be happy about advice. Can you help?

A      You can find general instructions about structure, content, etc. As well as design tips here.

Q     Which technology requirements will I need? Can you provide further instructions for virtual presentations, especially setting, slides creation, pictures/graphs, video, and audio?  

A      For this, you’ll find instructions, guides, hints, and tips on the virtual participation page.

Q     I will present physically, being in Frankfurt at the COWORKSTATT. What do I need to consider?

A      As a physical presenter, please send your presentation to 24 hours before your presentation time. If this should be impossible, please notify us with an email to this address and the same lead time, and suggest how and when we will receive your presentation. As soon as your presentation is in our hands, you can fully concentrate on your presentation contents as our technicians will handle the rest (audio, video, streaming, …)

Q     I am facing technical problems shortly before my virtual presentation. What can I do? Whom can I contact?

A      We have created a space in the right column on the LiveEvent page to send us support request. Also a discord channel will be available during the conference.

Around the Conference

Q     How do I reach the COWORKSTATT? Is parking available?

A      The COWORKSTATT is about 5 km west from the central station (“Hauptbahnhof”) and well connected by public transport. Travelling information is provided here. You can also get there by private car. Parking is not available on site but you can park on the streets of the neighborhood and nearby stores, if not explicitly forbidden.

Q     Can you recommend hotels / accommodation / restaurants / leisure walks?

A      The COWORKSTATT is located in a developing neighborhood with a mix of industry, commerce, and residential. So, everything can be found here, but it is no golf club atmosphere. About 2 km west of the site, Frankfurt-Höchst is a scenic neighborhood to stay, shop and go out. The Main river, where you can take long walks towards the centre city on the east or Höchst on the west, is about 1.3 km (15 min foot walk) south of the site.

Q   Who may participate at the conference dinner (virtually or physically)? What are the costs?

A   The dinner price is already included in the Conference All Days Fee, so that everybody with this kind of ticket is allowed to participate at no additional charge. Only if you've booked a Conference Day Ticket and want to participate physically at the dinner, it is necessary to book and pay for this separately.
The virtual dinner participation can be started with the 'Joint Cooking', a great way to informally connect with others.
The physical dinner participants can kick of with a reception at the COWORKSTATT.
For details look here:
In any case, we need to know whether your participation will be virtual or physical (for physical latest by 16.09., 10 am.) Use the Converia "Book other options" (see above) procedure or send a mail to
It will great fun!


Q     Where can I find actualized information?

A      The TWR 2020 website is the main information hub. This will be actualized constantly during the conference.

Q     I cannot find a necessary information on the website and/or need help urgently. What can I do?

A      We have several additional points of access:

  o  E-Mail:

  o   Support Room (by Zoom) (will be inserted at the LiveEvent website). Here, during the conference times, our    conference assistant Lisa Siegle is available live and can forward your issues to the conference team.

  o   WhatsApp: the mobile number will be provided on the LiveEvent page